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What are Core Web Vitals in the page experience update and why should web owners care?​

If you care about Google rankings this is one factor of many and not necessarily the main factor. It affects your rankings in more than one way. If you get high scores in these tests, you can expect at least a little bit of a rankings lift with the update in May. Also, there is some correlation I’ve seen that shows when you have good page experience, you tend to get more traffic. So sites that have this automatically get more traffic, more traffic tends to lead to more third-party links and tends to leads to more ranks. If you want your site to become popular, you should learn about Core Web Vitals because they address the user’s concerns primarily around performance.

Yes, this whole thing is determined by what’s in the viewport, which is something that they can measure. That means everything above the fold is measured differently if it’s mobile because there tends to be mobile design versus desktop design. All of this requires different measures based on your device type.

For example, a web font. Changing the font can make some shifts. You’ve probably loaded a news web page and seen the headline suddenly change font right before your eyes right after you load it. That’s considered a cumulative shift. So they measure that, and in that case, we can help with pre-loading that font. If you want to be ahead of your competitors, chances are 99% of your competitors are not doing this. You can have the advantage by hiring us. Every single month new things are going on where improvements can be made in every block of code. I will be refactoring things to add capabilities and fix bugs. We are looking at what needs to be fixed and what is changing within the industry, on our website, and within Google so we can keep up. We can adjust to those changes every month, and we can take action quickly.

There is a PageSpeed Insights report. Another way to view it is to open up DevTools and the tabs should have one for Lighthouse scores. There’s a browser extension as well that you can download through Google that if you click on the picture of the Lighthouse there are your scores. And remember that if you’re fast, you may still be scoring poorly on SEO or accessibility, or best practices. There are security things in the best practices that we address as well.

We can refer to Google’s statement that there is an update that takes into consideration Core Web Vitals in the ranking process. So it’s implied that if we improve Core Web Vitals, you’ll see a rankings boost. You can’t expect to go from position 1000 to position top 10.

It’s a little boost, I think because load time is part of the ranking algorithm. The current ranking factors that take into account performance are going to be replaced by Core Web Vitals because performance is one of its measurements.

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Being a growth-stage startup, Presentain sought the help of Digital Bloom to improve the performance of its marketing campaign efforts. After six months of working together, we were able to increase Monthly Recurring Revenue by 74.9% and LTV by 103.5%. And that was just beginning – month over the month those numbers continue to improve.

How we did it

Twi2Pic, the growth-stage startup (online application for the simplest way to create beautiful images for Twitter), came to Digital Bloom intending to increase organic followers through Twitter. In the first month, Bloom increase Twi2Pic’s followers count by 2241 new followers.

How we did it
  • Creating a detailed customer’s avatar with ClearBit
  • Landing page speed, UI/UX, content optimization
  • We’ve developed a custom app for Twitter marketing

Software Development Company (Under NDA)

Scope of service
  • Digital Marketing Strategy;
  • Website Redesign;
  • Content Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation;
  • Adwords campaigns set up and optimization;
Results, In Numbers
  • Google Ads Budget: ~ $5k;
  • CPC: $8-$25;
  • Number of Leads: 83;
  • Number of Clients: 3;
  • Revenue: >$80k;

Product Development Company (Under NDA)

Scope of service
  • Website Redesign;
  • Content Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation;
  • SEO Strategy Development and Implementation;
  • ABM, Direct Marketing;
Results, In Numbers
  • Domain Rank goes from 0 to 33 (out of 100) in about 1.5 months;
  • Google top 10 rankings (targeted search queries and intents);
  • About 10 leads/month in a highly competitive environment;

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Tobie Green, CEO, Digital Product
DigitalBloom is a key resource for us in Digital Marketing. They understood our complex requirements quickly, we’ve been amazed by their skills and cost-efficiency
Shirley Hewitt, Owner, Small Business
DigitalBloom is not just a marketing company, it’s a true partner of our business. They know how to deploy Digital Marketing in a way to solve any challenges and bring your ideas to life
Adrian Houle, CEO, LiveCall
DigitalBloom was communicative, flexible, and skilled. Their highly motivated people with fresh and modern approaches quickly adapted to the rhythm, and robust execution plus Digital Marketing intellect led to a lasting partnership

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