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Why is PageSpeed Important?

People crave speed, and they expect it everywhere. From 4G mobile networks to electric cars and same-day deliveries, our lives are faster and more efficient than ever. As the pace of the world picks up, slow websites will be left behind, losing more and more users, revenue and brand loyalty.


Mobile web domains were evaluated using data generated from, Google Analytics, and DoubleClick to determine the impact speed has on user engagement and revenue.


Of visits was abandoned if a website takes more than three seconds to load.

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visitors expect a page to load in less than 3 seconds.

Proved benefits


Greater page-views per visit


Lower bounce rates


Longer average sessions

PageSpeed Also Impacts on Adwords Cost per Click

Quality Score, Google's way of saying that your ad meets your potential customers’ needs, depends on multiple factors, including your landing page quality, and used to determine your cost per conversion (CPC). The higher your Quality Score, the lower your cost per conversion.

We can help you with

PageSpeed Optimization

Javascript, CSS, Images compression, scripts loading optimization and rewriting. WordPress, Shopify plugins tuning.

UI/UX Optimization

Layout optimization, On-boarding, Information Design, UI defragmentation, Persuasive psychology based design.

Web server Configuration

Gzip/Brotli compression enabling, HTTP2 protocol, SSL (https) certificate setup, cache settings optimization.


We'll provide 3-month base post-optimization support

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