Digital Marketing Consultant

10 years of hands-on experience in Digital Marketing Strategy, Customer Acquisitions (Organic and Paid acquisition channels), Conversions Analytics, and Optimization.
Certified Specialist: Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Digital Marketing Strategy, Customer Acquisition, Optimization, and Testing.

Customer Acquisition

The omnichannel approach bringing new customers or clients to your business, to create a systematic, sustainable acquisition strategy that can evolve with new trends and changes.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Clarify your Digital Marketing, create a strategy that works, and hit play on growing your business while the rest of the world is “on hold”.

Conversions optimization

The systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action – making a purchase, becoming subscriber or customer, or otherwise. Discover how users move through your website, what actions they take, and what’s preventing them from completing your goals.

It's Time to Clarify Your Digital Marketing and Make a Plan


Traffic Acquisition​​

Content Marketing


FOR B2b and B2c Companies

Success stories


Being a growth-stage startup, Presentain sought the help to improve the performance of its marketing campaign efforts. After six months of working together, we were able to increase Monthly Recurring Revenue by 74.9% and LTV by 103.5%. And that was just beginning – month over the month those numbers continue to improve.

How I did it

Twi2Pic, the growth-stage startup (online application for the simplest way to create beautiful images for Twitter), came to me intending to increase organic followers through Twitter. In the first month, Bloom increase Twi2Pic’s followers count by 2241 new followers.

How I did it
  • Creating a detailed customer’s avatar with ClearBit
  • Landing page speed, UI/UX, content optimization
  • We’ve developed a custom app for Twitter marketing
Product Development Company
(Under NDA)
Scope of service
  • Website Redesign;
  • Content Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation;
  • SEO Strategy Development and Implementation;
  • ABM, Direct Marketing;
Results, In Numbers
  • Domain Rank goes from 0 to 33 (out of 100) in about 1.5 months;
  • Google top 10 rankings (targeted search queries and intents);
  • About 10 leads/month in a highly competitive environment;
Software Development Company
(Under NDA)
Scope of service
  • Digital Marketing Strategy;
  • Website Redesign;
  • Content Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation;
  • Adwords campaigns set up and optimization;
Results, In Numbers
  • Google Ads Budget: ~ $5k;
  • CPC: $8-$25;
  • Number of Leads: 83;
  • Number of Clients: 3;
  • Revenue: >$80k;


Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant and Create a personalized Digital Marketing Strategy

✓ Personalized Digital Marketing Strategy​
✓ Digital Marketing Audit
✓ Data-Driven Insights
✓ $400 Costs Limit
✓ Secured By NDA

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