The Digital Bloom: Digital Marketing Agency

Important Notice: Scam Alert

We have recently received reports of scams where individuals pretend to be representatives of our company in Portugal. These are not legitimate employment opportunities.

We ask that you please be cautious of people or online entities claiming to represent The Digital Bloom during the hiring process. Be aware that we will never:

  • Cold call candidates to ask about interviews or work.
  • Conduct interviews via text message or messaging apps.
  • Request you to follow social media accounts.
  • Ask for payment to access a task list.
  • Ask you to send money or purchase equipment, technology, or training as a condition of employment.

Contact Us

Our headquarters are located in Portugal, and we do not operate under any other name.

The Digital Bloom website can be found at

If you have any questions about this disclaimer or want to discuss other matters, please email us at