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Missed Target Audience

Not all leads are the same. Targeting the wrong group wastes resources on those not interested, resulting in low engagement and ROMI.

Content Inefficiency

Content is produced without clear strategy or relevant metrics, leading to content that misses its target audience and business goals.

SEO Inefficiency

A disappointingly small number of inbound Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) is often attributed to missed organic search ranking opportunities; wasted budget on outdated or ineffective techniques.

Low Conversion Rate

A low conversion rate signals lost opportunities and inefficient funnels. Accompanied by a high bounce rate and notable drop-offs, it indicates potential issues with user experience or messaging.

Budget Inefficiencies

Budget inefficiencies, marked by high CAC and low ROMI, indicate disproportionate spending without adequate returns on marketing efforts.

Lack of Transparency

Activities often become unaligned, leading to disjointed efforts and missed opportunities. Furthermore, without clear communication, goals can become ambiguous, and performance metrics might be misunderstood or misrepresented.

Our Clients Get Results.

Case studies


About the Client

Presentain’s iOS and Android apps help presenters, and their audiences connect on a whole new level. The application lets the presenter broadcast slides and get audience feedback in real-time. It also allows audience members to send questions to the presenter, effortlessly connect with the presenter’s social media accounts, and even record the presentation.

As a growth-stage startup, Presentain sought Digital Bloom’s assistance to enhance the performance of its marketing campaigns.

Services provided

Inbound Marketing Strategy (Positioning, UVP Design, Pricing Optimization, Website Redesign), Content Marketing Strategy, Conversion Rates Optimization (AppStore Optimization), E-Mail Marketing.

Success story

After six months of collaboration, we increased the Monthly Recurring Revenue by 74.9% and LTV by 103.5%. And that was just the beginning – month after month, those numbers continue to improve.


Increase in Monthly Recurring Revenue.


Increase in Customer Lifetime Value.

SPD Technology

Case studies

SPD Technology

About the Client

SPD Technology, an award-winning Software Product Development Company with 4 R&D offices in Eastern Europe and around 17 years of experience in designing, building, streamlining, and supporting software products for businesses from dozens of industries.

Services provided

Inbound Marketing Strategy (Positioning, UVP Design, Website Redesign), Customer Value Journey, Efficient Content Marketing Strategy, Conversion Rates Optimization, SEO Optimization Strategy;

Success story

In just one year, more than $1M worth of marketing-attributed deals were added to the sales pipeline, the created content was organically referenced as a source of professional information by Verizon Business, GoDaddy, BBC, and others; over 1.5 years, relevant website traffic from the targeted region grew from zero to more than 2,000 visits per month;


Worth of marketing-attributed deals were added to the sales pipeline.


Relevant website visits from the targeted regions, from zero, just in over a year.

Revenue Goes Up
With Our Proven Approach.

1. Right Audience

Ideal Customer (or Company) profile, Leads Qualification Framework to enhance the effectiveness of Digital Marketing activities.

2. Right Message

Positioning, Differentiation, and the Unique Value Proposition Design to ensure clear messaging across all touchpoint.

3. Right Execution

Digital channels performance, Budgeting, Planning, and BizDev/Marketing/Sales performance benchmarking.

Our Achievements
by Numbers.


Increase in Monthly Recurring Revenue.


The annual Sales Pipeline value for a single client.


Month from kickoff to delivering the first Lead.


Leads per month in a highly competitive environment.

Our Digital Marketing Services
and Expertise.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

We assist in Positioning, Differentiation, and designing a Unique Value Proposition to ensure clear messaging across all touchpoints, such as the corporate website, LinkedIn profile, online directories, and other platforms. Additionally, we can craft an Ideal Customer (or Company) profile and develop a Leads Qualification Framework to boost the effectiveness of Digital Marketing activities.

Content Marketing Strategy

Given the current business goals, timeframes, and budget, we can formulate a content marketing strategy. This process includes researching topics, competitors, and keywords; devising a content plan; and implementing a content management strategy that covers content auditing and updates. Additionally, we can assist with demand generation and content distribution (seeding) strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Considering various factors like the competitive environment, cost structure, and potential outcomes, we can craft an SEO strategy tailored to your needs. This encompasses on-page and off-page optimization, technical SEO performance analysis/enhancement, an internal linking strategy, and methods for organic, paid, or partnership link-building.

Conversion optimization

To increase the conversion rate, we can apply various conversion rate optimization techniques. These include A/B testing, heat mapping, user session recordings, multivariate testing, and landing page optimization. Based on these techniques, we'll formulate hypotheses, prioritize them, and proceed with systematic testing and evaluation.

Data Driven Approach

To align your BizDev, Marketing, and Sales activities with clear goals and performance metrics, we can guide you through analytics-related tools and strategies. These include Google Analytics, Looker Studio, Search Console reports, and CRM dashboards, ensuring transparency and actionable insights.

Balanced Budget With Top ROMI

To maximize results with a tight budget, we can guide you in Budgeting, Planning, and Performance benchmarking for BizDev, Marketing, and Sales, ensuring an optimal price per result.

Only Certified Specialists.

Flexible Engagement Models
That Address Any Requirements.


We act as the adviser, providing strategy and direction, while your Digital Marketing Team executes the work.

Guided flight

Through mentoring, planning, monitoring, and support, we collaborate side-by-side to achieve the desired results.


Unlock the power of Inbound Marketing with our fully 'done-for-you' service. From strategy to execution, and from support to performance monitoring, we've got every aspect covered for you.

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To join The Digital Bloom, candidates must clear an online exam and earn a certification from, costing $495.00. This step ensures that members are skilled and recognized in the digital marketing industry.


At The Digital Bloom, everyone is part of your team, providing laser-focused attention solely on your tasks without juggling multiple clients, ensuring dedicated support and precision in meeting your objectives.


The Digital Bloom's team boasts a rich background from Digital Startups to Enterprises, with expertise from Education to Software Development, enabling them to understand and address your business's unique challenges efficiently.

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Essential Inbound Marketing Glossary

Your Essential Inbound Marketing Glossary

When collaborating with marketing specialists, you might come across fancy words and abbreviations. This glossary is your guide to understand important marketing terms and acronyms.

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Success is measured through increased Revenue, lower Customer Acquisition Costs, and improved Engagement Metrics. Our agency employs various tools and strategies, such as Google Analytics, Google Looker Studio, and CRM Dashboards, to provide transparent and actionable insights, ensuring each marketing effort is data-driven and results-oriented.

Businesses seeking to improve their Digital Marketing Strategies, whether through targeted Content Marketing strategy, SEO Optimization, or efficient Budgeting for maximum ROI, can benefit significantly from our services. We cater to various business sizes and types, offering personalized strategies for each.

Digital Bloom stands out as a digital marketing agency due to its data-driven, tailored strategies designed to increase revenue and reduce customer acquisition costs. Our approach involves understanding your business needs and crafting unique solutions to address critical challenges such as missed target audiences, content inefficiency, SEO inefficiency, low conversion rates, budget inefficiencies, and lack of transparency.