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What is a Chatbots?

With billions of daily active users, it is no wonder Facebook Messenger Chatbots are captivating the tech industry - big companies like Adidas, British Airways, Volkswagen, Uber are already using chatbots as a powerful marketing tool. You may ask “Why does anyone care about chatbots? They look like simple chat services, what’s the big deal?”. The answer is quite simple - people now are using Chatbots Apps more than they are using Facebook. Chatbots can be programmed to retain user data, react to specific keywords or phrases and know when its perfect time to offer an additional product to a customer, increasing interaction rate, improving overall experiences and driving engagement.

For a long time, Chatbots was an incredibly powerful marketing instrument, but only for brands that know how to use them. Until today.

Up to 8x profitable.

On our email list of over 5,645 people, we see click-through rates of only 1% to 6% at most. Now we are using Chatbots in Facebook Messenger and our click-through rate is 30%+ (yes, 30%+).

E-mail campaigns – 25% avg
E-mail campaigns – 6% avg
The cost of user engagement. (Lower the better)

Up to 25x cheaper.

Chatbots will reduce your marketing costs drastically compared to other acquisitions channel. (CPC price is $0.07, compared to mobile at $1.80 and web at $0.93)

And incredibly smart.

Add natural language to your apps to understand customers needs.
Create natural and rich conversational experiences using tools like LUIS.AI, DialogFlow, Amazon Lex and connect with your customers on the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and other platforms and devices.

Chatbots are really smart

you are

in a good company

We can help you with

Funnels design

We know how to design funnels in Facebook Messenger (or other messengers) for Acquisition, Re-engagement or Monetization.

Advanced AI

We know how to make your chatbot even smarter with Advanced AI Frameworks, like LUIS AI, Amazon LEX, API.AI and other.

Chatbots Development

We know every platform, like ManyChat, Chatfuel, Flow XO, every chatbots integration plugin or extension.


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