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In today’s competitive landscape, tech companies need effective marketing strategies to attract high-value potential customers.

We leverage data-driven strategies and our 10+ years of software development outsourcing marketing expertise to optimize your digital marketing, drive qualified leads, and increase revenue without significant headcount expansion.

The outcome? More deals, more revenue, and happier teams.

Vlad Kuriatnyk - Digital Marketing Consultant
Nataliia, Lead Consultant, Partner​
Mykola Buryeyev, Business Development Manager
John, Project Manager
Kate, Digital Marketing Consultant​
Our Mission

Marketing for IT Companies Designed to Accelerate Growth.

Your Marketing is a Growth Engine, and we’re here to prove it.

Forget long sales cycles and lukewarm leads. We’re your secret weapon for attracting qualified decision-makers ready to invest. Imagine your in-house team transformed, not just supporting but driving measurable growth.

We’re IT Marketing Experts, speaking your language and understanding your challenges. We’ll help you:

  • Attract: Craft magnetic content that pulls in ideal customers.
  • Convert: Streamline the journey, guiding leads to become loyal advocates.
  • Accelerate: Ignite sales cycles and watch deals close faster.

Marketing isn’t a cost. It’s an investment. Let’s make it work for you.

Marketing for IT Companies Framework
Your Predictable Growth engine

Our IT Marketing Services.

Marketing Strategy for Technology Company

We craft adaptable, data-driven, and laser-focused agile strategies focusing on high-impact actions. Deep dives into buyer personas and JTBDs ensure messaging that resonates and solves real problems. Measurable insights fuel continuous improvement, optimizing ROI. Plus, seamless marketing-sales alignment accelerates deals and smashes targets.

Content Marketing for Technology Companies

Think razor-sharp, data-driven content marketing strategy optimized for your unique potential customers and goals. We craft targeted content that resonates with your B2B audience, driving leads and igniting sales. Our secret weapon? Tailored strategies, captivating storytelling, and engaging formats (think blogs, white papers, presentations, and case studies).

Inbound Marketing for Tech Companies

Craft compelling content rich with industry insights and dominate search engines so you become the answer to their burning questions. Build trust and advocacy through strategic social media engagement, all while leveraging data-driven insights to optimize your campaigns and fuel sustainable growth.

Technology Marketing & Automation

Our B2B marketing technologies enrich data, create automatic but personalized email journeys, and optimize websites. We nurture leads with targeted marketing campaigns, boost conversions across channels, and gain data-driven insights.


Full-service Marketing for IT Company.

SPD Technology is an award-winning Software Product Development Company with 4 R&D offices in Eastern Europe and 18 years of experience designing, building, streamlining, and supporting software products for businesses from dozens of industries.

Services provided

Digital Marketing Audit, Inbound Marketing Strategy (Positioning, UVP Design, Website Redesign), Customer Value Journey, Efficient Content Marketing Strategy, Conversion Rates Optimization, SEO Optimization Strategy;

Success story

In just one year of collaboration with our b2b marketing agency, more than $1M worth of marketing-attributed deals were added to the sales pipeline; the created content was organically referenced as a source of professional information by Verizon Business, GoDaddy, BBC, and others; over 1.5 years, relevant website traffic from the targeted region grew from zero to more than 2,000 visits per month;


Worth of marketing-attributed deals were added to the sales pipeline.


Relevant website visitors from the targeted regions, from zero, just in over a year.

SPD Technology
Master of Code Global

B2B Lead Generation Services for Software Development Company.

Since 2004, Master of Code has been crafting top-notch digital experiences. With over 400 successful projects and a team of 250+ experts, the company specializes in building Web, Mobile, AI-powered conversational chat and voice solutions.

Services provided

B2B Marketing Strategy Development, Website redesign, Content Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation, and B2B Lead Generation.

Success story

In a highly competitive setting, The Digital Bloom scaled the number of PPC-attributed MQLs from 0 to 38 per month, ensuring budget efficiency. We pioneered innovative AI solutions, creating chatbot prototypes that fostered partnerships with industry leaders.


PPC-attributed MQLs per month in a highly competitive environment.​​


AI chatbot prototypes were created to foster partnerships with industry leaders.


What People Say
About Us.


Deal closing.

Right Target Audience

Not all leads are the same. Targeting the right group utilizes resources efficiently, resulting in high engagement and ROI.

Short Sales Cycles

With pre-qualified leads, you will experience streamlined negotiations and quicker deals, saving resources and time and boosting morale.

Strong Sales Performance

The sales teams will bloom with the proper knowledge and expertise, leading to focused efforts and tapped potential.

High-Quality Leads

Qualified leads to focus attention on genuine opportunities, resulting in productive efforts and motivated teams.

Strong focus

Investing time and money in the right prospects efficiently uses resources. The benefits are not just direct; they include opportunities gained elsewhere.

Effective Marketing Techniques

Embrace current tactics and adapt to industry shifts to position your business ahead while competitors may lag.

Valuable Feedback

Regular, meaningful feedback to iterate and improve quickly, leading to dynamic strategies and motivated teams.​

Supporting Content

Well-crafted pitch decks, actionable market insights, and tailored strategies will impact conversion rates positively.


Boosting your Growth.

Demand Generation

Cultivate thought leadership content, optimize your digital presence for targeted audiences, and nurture leads with personalized engagements. Attract qualified decision-makers ready to invest in solutions like yours.

Demand Capture

Convert contacts into qualified leads with a frictionless capture strategy. Design compelling CTAs, tailor conversion paths to specific buyer personas, and personalize the journey. Guide decision-makers through a seamless experience, primed to evaluate your offerings and become valued customers.

Deal Acceleration

Implement a seamless sales process, empower your team with actionable insights, and prioritize high-value opportunities. Witness deals close faster and exceed expectations, driving sustainable revenue growth.

What Sets
Us Apart.

Deep IT Marketing Expertise

Our team understands the unique challenges and complexities of IT marketing, from complex buyer journeys to long sales cycles. We speak your language and share your goals.


We're not satisfied with just "looking good." We measure what matters most – leads generated, deals closed, and marketing-attributed revenue growth. We're obsessed with delivering tangible results that move your business forward.


It's not about us; it's about your ideal customer. We delve deep into buyer personas and their "jobs to be done," crafting messaging that resonates and solves their real problems. Your success is our success.

Key Marketing Strategies

We're not fans of guesswork. Every decision is backed by data and insights, ensuring your marketing investments deliver measurable results. We track, analyze, and optimize relentlessly, maximizing your ROI.


Only Certified
Tech Marketers.

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Best Content.

Make Your IT Marketing More Efficient.


Increase in Monthly Recurring Revenue


Leads per month in a highly competitive environment


Month from kickoff to delivering the first Lead