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Drive ROI with the Full Stack Marketing Team for less than the cost of a full-time employee.

Growth marketing as a service

Sometimes, when it comes to explaining their businesses, many entrepreneurs are so familiar with their products or services they don’t know how to start. We are not “just another digital marketing agency” – we will help you to make your marketing clear, and simple to understand like we helped a dozen companies.

We more than just produce results, we support you along the way.

For Startups

Get access to the Full Stack Marketing team with startup background that will take care of your marketing challenges, giving you more time for strategic planning and product development without overpaying and paychecks pain.

For Tech Companies

Are you struggling to get new leads? We will analyze your branding strategy, customer touch-points, messaging and positioning and then boost “visitor/lead/customer” conversion rates.

We can Help You with

Digital Marketing Strategy

- Market research
- Competitors research
- Buyer personas creation
- Digital marketing strategy
- B2B acquisition strategy


- Website optimization
- Conversions optimization
- Funnels development
- Marketing automation

Traffic Acquisition

- Advertising strategy
- Acquisition strategy
- Keywords research, SKAG
- Copy and design creation
- Google analytics audit

Content Marketing

- Content marketing strategy
- Topics research
- Keywords research
- Content plan creation
- Copywriting


Being a growth-stage startup, Presentain sought the help of Bloom digital agency to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns efforts. After six months of working together, we were able to increase Monthly Recurring Revenue by 74.9% and LTV by 103.5%. And that was just beginning – month over the month those numbers continue to improve.

How we did it:


  • Twi2Pic, the growth-stage startup (online application for the simplest way to create beautiful images for Twitter), came to Bloom digital agency with the goal of increasing organic followers through Twitter. In the first month, Bloom increase Twi2Pic’s followers count by 2241 new followers.

    How we did it:
    • Creating a detailed customer’s avatar with ClearBit
    • Landing page speed, ui/ux, content optimization
    • We’ve develop a custom app for Twitter marketing


A personal marketing strategy that provides you with a clear path to grow your business.

  • Competitors Analytics
  • Customer personas Analytics
  • Branding and Positioning
  • Marketing Channels Analytics
  • Digital Strategy Creation


Present your business online via branding, a website and digital media.

  • Website sketching, design and development
  • Technical and SEO optimization
  • Analytics integration
  • Initial Content marketing strategy
  • Initial Online ads strategy


Long-term digital marketing strategy to grow and scale your business online.

  • Co-pilot: we’re the adviser, giving you strategy and direction, but you do the work
  • Guided flight: we work side-by-side to get the results
  • Autopilot: a completely “done-for-you” service

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